Tube bending simulation

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Simulation of the tube bending process based on real material data and paramters from your actual bending machine

Save time, reduce cost and improve quality by avoiding trial and error when bending new tube sizes, steel grades and shapes.

The new tube bending support service is very beneficial when considering bending advanced stainless grades where there are concerns about quality of the result related to spring back, minimum wall thickness, flattening or geometrical quality. Sandvik utilizes advanced material models based on extensive test data together with finite element modeling to overcome the needs for trial and error way of working.

Tube bending

  1. Send us your tube and bending drawing data together with information about the bending equipment and tools to be used. If you are unsure or do not have access to all data just leave the field blank.
  2. Sandvik is then able to virtually simulate a tube bending operation and what happens in inside the material.
  3. You get a detailed report about what the bent tube will look like (spring back, inner and outer wall thickness, tube outer diameter) and the bending force needed to make the bend. See a sample of the report here


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