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General material support from stainless steel engineers

Do you want to discuss material selection of stainless steel or a material related issue involving stainless steel. You can have access to Sandviks's metallurgists and knowlege via our service: Talk to a stainless steel engineer.


Sandvik has extensive knowledge of stainless steel process and product development. We have long experience from working closely with our customers and their various applications. Here are examples of some topics you might want to discuss with us:

  • Initial discussion around possible material selection for a specific application.
  • General discussion regarding material failures.
  • Discussion around possible and adequate material test methods for specific applications.
  • Second opinion on material testing; what is being tested, how is the test performed and assessment of test results with regards to the specific application.
  • Discussion regarding suitable heat treatment for a specific steel type.
  • Discussions about possible improvements in existing processes.


Scope of work

To gain full advantage  of the service, use the text and attach file-form to describe the material issue or question as detailed as possible. Your message will be redirected a knowledgeable person in that specific area and they will contact you to schedule a telephone or online meeting for discussions. This service is intended to provide a quick answer or advice on a specific question or initial guidance on how to approach the material issue. If further support or material tests are needed it is possible to request a separate quotation for further work from us.


  • A telephone meeting, online meeting or email conversation with a Sandvik stainless steel engineer. Before the meeting, the stainless steel engineer have discussed your material issue description and pictures with colleges.

Delivery time

  • The Sandvik stainless steel engineer will contact you within one working week from the order date to schedule a meeting or provide support by email.

Customer input

  • The quality of the outcome of the discussion is very much dependent on how the issue is presented by the customer. Try to summarize the issue in a structured way and provide detailed background information and photo.