Material failure analysis

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Analysis of the failure mechanism


Are you experiencing corrosion, excessive wear, breakages or other problems with your stainless steel equipment? Ask us for a material failure analysis.

Identifying the cause for failures can be complex and often requires several different assessment methods. With one of the world’s largest research and testing facilities for stainless steels, our material experts can perform analyses for virtually every material failure.

A general material failure analysis will give you a better understanding of whether the failure is related to material properties, design or process parameters. A recommendation on suggested solutions or improvements is also included in the report.


1) You order a material failure analysis by filling out the details on this website and checking out your cart.

2) You will get a response within one week, with one of the following messages:

  • We have received required information and will start working on your analysis directly when we get your sample.
  • We need additional information before we can start working (describing what information we miss).
  • The scope of this investigation requires a more thorough investigation. We recommend an extended material failure analysis.
  • The request is not within our area of expertise.

3) You send us material sample(s) according to the response.

4) Our material experts determine required analysis methods and perform them in our labs.

5) You receive a technical report including analysis results and recommended actions to prevent future material failures


The price includes a technical report based on selected analysis methods and engineering assessment, plus a recommendation on how to overcome the problem. One hour telephone consultation is also included for questions on the results, or a discussion around further support.

Under exceptional circumstances, our recommendation can be to perform an extended material failure analysis which may include more advanced methods.


Normal delivery time is six weeks.


  • Material sample to be investigated.
  • The quality of the outcome of the investigation is very much dependent on the information provided by the customer, please include as much information as possible.