Material and standards selection

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We help you choose the most suitable material for your application

Are you designing something but you don't know what the best material for the application is? If you think that the application requires a stainless steel or even higher alloyed metallic material then our service material selection will help you.



With our long experience of stainless steel and its various applications we will be able to help you choose what stainless steel to use and to find material data in order to back up the decision, here are some examples where competence might be useful:

  • - In the design of a new product for a certain application where you need help with choosing the most suitable stainless steel or high alloyed material?
  • - Do you need to replace a component with a new component and want to know if there are other alternative stainless steels that might have a longer service life?
  • - Do you plan to make changes in your process and are uncertain whether these changes will affect existing equipment and construction?
  • - Can you change your construction, perhaps use a stronger material, in order to save weight?


Scope of work

Based on the description by the customer of the application a Sandvik material expert will evaluate each specific case. A brief literature study of the application and possible materials might be included based on literature from internal as well as external libraries. For some specific cases test data may be available at Sandvik already or else a proposed test plan will be made.


A technical report inluding:

  • - Summary of the background information provided by customer
  • - Brief literature study of the application
  • - Proposed testplan, if relevant
  • - Conclusion stating the most suitable stainless steel or high alloyed material based on the above

Delivery time

Normal delivery time is four working weeks

Customer input

Background information and process data, the quality of the outcome of the material selection is very much dependent on the information provided by the customer, please include as much and detailed information as possible.