LCA One-Page Global Warming Potential Certificate

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At Sandvik, we continuously strive at reducing our environmental impact. Many of our customers do to, and together we can make a difference. 

With the Life Cycle Assessment services, we can provide you with a Cradle-to-Gate assessment for your Sandvik steel. This includes the global warming potential for everything from recycled materials and additional alloys, steelworks, melting, hot and cold working, transports, electricity and water use up until the product leaves the Sandvik factory gate. 

Steel production at Sandvik in Sweden has a comparably low environmental footprint for several reasons:

  • Production is based on recycled materials
  • Electricity mix of hydropower and nuclear
  • Rigid environmental legislation for pollution to air and water
  • Numerous projects ongoing to reduce emissions every year

One-page life-cycle assessment certificate

The one-page LCA certificate includes Global Warming Potential-information for specific product/order according to ISO 14000 series methology

  • It also contains information about level of recycling (steel grade annual average)
  • Option for third party validation (by IVL). Offered separatly upon request 


- Certificate (PDF file) of GWP for one steel product and specific product order.

Download sample certificate here

Availability and data accuracy

LCA-data is currently available for tube, bar and strip products made at Sandvik in Sandviken, Sweden based on 2016 years manufacturing data

  • Work is ongoing to add more Sandvik production sites and to add production and environmental data for 2017 and 2018
  • It is possible to order LCA certificates also for older product orders based on 2016 environmental data

Accuracy of LCA data

  • Sourcing of recycled material and steel works - data is annual average per steel grade
  • Hot and cold working production steps -  data is annual average per machine

Sandvik uses the software GaBi for LCA calculations

If an order is place where Sandvik does not have needed LCA-data available to deliver the order, the order will be cancelled


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